Principal's Message

This school, over the years, has come to symbolize the truest spirit of dedication to the task of maintaining an excellent standard of education. I have received co-operation of the staff in this arduous task, and the outcome has been consistent excellence shown by the student, not only in the academic results, but also in various fields of extra-curricular activities. Any new methods likely to prove to be of help to the students, is made available by the school and students are given an opportunity to learn, in accordance with their individual capability.

For education, to be meaningful and rewarding, it is essential that the students, the staff and the parents work in union. The school diary must be used as a means for achieving this goal.

To get the best from the school for your ward, you are advised to maintain in close contact with the school authorities. It is my humble request that parents/guardian should see and sign the school Diary of their wards every day. They must see that the lesson and homework assigned to them for the day is done. Remark the mistake, if any, made by the teacher should be given full consideration

Once you feel that your ward is not making the desired progress, feel free and contact the Principal’s office without delay. The student’s success and happiness in school and society depend upon the teacher. We welcome every opportunity to discuss about your child’s development and progress.

– Lalit Kumar Sharma (Principal)